We take pride in our meticulous safety inspections and protocol program training. Offering a multitude of options such as JSA (Job Safety Analysis), Hazard & PPE Assessment, Industry  Specific OSHA Written Safety Programs and More. We offer several options for whatever your industry needs in safety, inspections and certified.

Every Detail Matters


The devil are in the details, especially in construction sites, and frequent safety inspections are critical and effective for hazard prevention. We search throughout the work place any liability issues, risk exposures and OSHA violations. As well as informing and assisting clients with mitigating hazards. So get informed and let us help before the a simple accident can damage your company’s reputation or worse injure your employees. We have professionals ready to go on site and assess the site for any potential danger and prepare your employees for hazard prevention.

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Job Safety Analysis

We observe each particular Task or Job Operation and integrate a safety program best suited to prevent accidents or hazards. Breaking down each task / operation, we can identify the best solution for the safest way to do the job.

Prevention Protection Plan

Why JSA is important to You?

JSA can raise health and safety awareness communication between the workers and supervisors which improve upon safe work procedures and further job training in the process. This will also better train Supervisors to be prepared to assess a safety or hazardous situation or potential.

Here are the basic Steps in Job Safety Analysis.

  • Selecting The Job to be Analyzed
  • Breaking the Job Down into a Sequence of Steps
  • Identifying Potential Hazards
  • Determining Preventive Measures to Overcome these Hazards
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