The Dangers of Asbestos

Are major Health Hazards, breathing in such dangerous fibers can cause buildup scar like tissue called asbestosis. That can result in loss of lung function and often progresses to disability, Cancers and Death.


These dangerous fibers contain carcinogens and can cause chronic lung disease as well as multiple types of cancers. The symptoms of such usually take many years to develop after exposure.

Don’t fall victim to one of silent killers, get informed and get tested.

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We have numerous options in protection against Asbestos,
with our OSHA standard format. Meeting all up to date standards against Asbestos.
From General Industry, Shipyards or Construction we’re trained and certified to help keep your employees safe from these dangers.


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Get on board with OSHA’s standards and custom Safety Written Programs that will benefit your company in protection against Asbestos.


Standard Asbestos Protection

There’s numerous ways to identify and protect against Asbestos.

Assessment & Monitoring

Constant measures need to be taken to keep with the standards of Asbestos safety, different settings will apply if the workplace generates airborne fibers by a specific method under each standard.

Most construction or shipyards need to be sure to measure the PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit) levels as well as workers classification and exposure.


Any workers in the areas of exposure at or above the PEL level need to be properly trained. Trained to know the dangers and handling of asbestos, with thorough cleaning operations. This is a must and requirement among OSHA standards when dealing in certain work criteria.

Medical & Records

Requirement standards vary depending on the industry. Medical must be provided for workers engaged in specific classification of work, or experience exposures. As well as at least 30 years of asbestos exposure monitoring and worker surveillance records retained. All Training records are expected to be maintained and kept for beyond 1 year of the last date of employment.

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