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Your Well Rounded OSHA Safety Compliance Resource

30 Years of experience in Occupational Safety programs and certifications. We offer onsite OSHA training consultants. Committed in ideal solutions for every workspace need and concern. Check out our extensive programs from OSHA 10 & 30, CPR Training, Top Industrial Cleaning Products, Covid-19 Safety Preventions and much more.


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      OSHA Training

      We train your employees on Risk Assessment, Control Reliability, and Machine Guarding. Along with OSHA, SWPP, CPR, SPCC, and many more safety standards.

      Safety Consulting

      With thorough safety inspections, including Hazard and PPE assessments. Our OSHA industry approved safety programs will guide your company for any precaution.

      Disinfectant Products

      We us cost effective EPA approved Anti Viral and Bacterial Cleaning Agents against Corona Virus. Hospital grade with long acting and broad spectrum cleaning agents.

      OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Certification

      General & Industry Training

      Get onsite hands on training with experts on Risk Assessment Workshops and Consulting Services. We train your team on machine guarding, control reliability, safety control systems, OSHA, ANSI, NFPA and ISO/EN machine safety standards. Offering extensive programs from the OSHA 10 & 30 along with a multitude of several other safety protocol programs. Check out more below for additional information.

      OSHA Industry Certification

      Our 10hr & 30hr Training Programs for general or constructions helps with awareness of common job-related safety and health hazards. Along with 30hr training programs for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility.

      Purpose of OSHA

      OSHA Program is a valuable asset to your employees and to your own company. Saving you thousands to millions in disaster prevention costs and more importantly safety for your fellow workers.

      Professional Onsite Training Services

      We train your employees on Risk Assessment, Control Reliability, and Machine Guarding. Along with OSHA, SWPP, CPR, SPCC, and many more safety standards. Check out more of our onsite services.

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      Safety Consulting Services

      Every small detail matters. We’ve been training employees to look for and worksite disasters for over 30 Years. With thorough safety inspections, including Hazard and PPE assessments. Our OSHA industry approved safety programs will guide your company for any precaution.

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      Bottom Line is keeping your employees safe, and running a safe operation. Don’t wait till something bad happens. Prevent It with our fast easy to learn safety protocols and safety products.

      Kitchen Sanitation Services

      We offer NANO ACTIVE Cleaning products that that contain oil eating enzymes that continue to work while applied. Fantastic for industrial and small business kitchens!

      Nano-Shield Antimicrobial

      One of the top disinfection products and services. With long acting, hospital grade and broad spectrum Anti Bacterial and Anti Viral Cleaning for COVID-19.

      Ceiling Restoration

      Save your self thousands in replacements with ceiling restoration. Expert in mold removal in office and all acoustic type ceilings.

      Custom Safety Programs

      Integrating the best suited safety program for each task or operation for optimal hazard prevention. Find out more today about our safety programs.

      Customized Non-Slip Commercial Flooring

      Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

      OSHA & ADA Compliant commercial grade non slip floor coating customized for any company industry needs from warehouses to offices.


      Our floor treatment is chemical process that creates microscopic suction cup-like treads without affecting discolor or change the appearance of your current flooring. That one small step of prevention can go a long way in business.

      Industrial Flooring

      Customized industrial floor coating to match any size needed. All coats will keep the original flooring appearance.

      Floor Gripping

      Specialized floor grips for any industry especially commercial kitchens. We even install safety grips on steps.

      Tread Tiling

      Tiles can be customized to have suction treads keeping high slip hazard areas ever more safer for your employees.

      Special Coating

      All specialized chemical coating is ADA  compliant. Coating creates microscopic suction like texture.

      AED - Featured Lesson

      Defibrillator Training

      Get qualified to be trained in using the automated Defibrillator.

      CPR Program Training

      Be in the know and learn fast action CPR to save a life.

      Environment Programs

      Our environment programs can help keep your business aware.

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      We offer our services throughout several Texas areas. Get up to code with up to date safety standard protocols saving money from costly disasters.

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